Photo: Jonathan Mould
Aideliz Albelo also know as "Allure".
Originally from Springfield, MA but currently resides in Orlando, FL (2013). Started shooting 2009 in Manhattan, NYC with an aspired model and it shot off from there. From the beginning, I've had inspirations from David Lachapelle pop of color and Russell James sensual fashion. Continuously kept pushing to learn new techniques and trying new concepts. With love of productions, I try to be involved with the art direction. I've modeled professionally for years. I keep my experience in my back pocket and it helped many times with posing or angles to make sure the final product is flawless. Candids, I just let the moment happen and capture without me saying a word. A client that's as excited as me to create, is a joy to create something with. I've had so many clients over the years, I can honestly say I love what I do!